The Rental

The Rental

At Rentcharlie our rental process is simple. Just sign up and search for an item or list an ad.  We’re excited for you to join our rental community, so let’s get started!

Rent Your Things

To start renting your things, all you need to do is sign up, upload your ad and you are ready to go!

Other members of the community will be able to contact you by clicking the “Rent Now” button which will send the message directly to the email you provided! That way, you won’t miss a transaction.

1. Register

Click the “Sign Up” button. You will be asked to fill out your details including your location. This is to keep your community safe, and to provide a parameter of where your ads can be seen.

2. List

Create an ad. Ads with photographs perform best, and make sure to be descriptive. A location will be needed for each ad to ensure that your neighbors can find it.

3. Manage

Keep an eye on your ad. The reports tab on your profile gives you data on your listed items. For example, it will show you how many people saw your ad in any given month.

4. Earn

You are now making money off your items! Some Rentcharlie users like to upgrade their items, rent off other users, treat themselves or treat their loved ones. Enjoy!

Borrow Things

Sign up for Rentcharlie and start borrowing from your neighbors.

Start searching for items in your area! When you find something that you like, all you need to do is message the owner and organize details. Once you’ve used the item, you return it safe and sound to its rightful owner. It’s that easy!

1. Sign Up

Sign up to create your account. Your profile includes your location, name, and email address so that lenders know who you are and can reach you. This enforces safety for all our users.

2. Search

Search through our many listings by location, by category, or use our search tool. You can rent from a neighbor or from a local business! When you find what you need, select the item you want to rent.

3. Rent

Click the “Rent Now” button and message the user through our platform. This will send the lender an email. You can then organize the terms of rental, how long you will rent it for, pickup and drop it off.

4. Return

You’ve used the item and now it’s time to return it. Please discuss all rentals amongst yourselves and act with respect. Download our Rental Agreement to ensure the security of the rental transaction.



All of your online information is secure. Never give out your personal information. We do not advise sending money online, if you must, we advise using PayPal. Ensure all transactions take place locally with cash, and in-person. If a user is acting suspicious, please let us know.

Rental Agreement & Insurance


We have a Rental Agreement in place for all transactions. We strongly recommend that lenders and borrowers use this agreement for every transaction. The agreement irons out the finer details of the transaction and protects the lender, the borrower, and the item.

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