How Do I Rent Out My Stuff Online?

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Blog

A common question we are asked is, “how do I rent out my stuff online?” Or the classic “what can I rent out online?”

Rentcharlie was born out of the 2013 floods in Calgary, Alberta when neighborhoods and communities saw hard times and the loss of personal property. Rentcharlie empowered people to rent stuff that they needed or was lost in the disaster.

Due to the major loss of personal property, Rentcharlie was the answer for many people to access whatever they needed at a low cost. Thus, the rent anything model was born. Stemming from Calgary, Rentcharlie is the only online rent anything platform available across all of North America. This enables our users to rent while they’re on vacation, if they’re moving, and in any just other situation that you can imagine.

Easy Money

Renting out your things to make money off of what you don’t use is just one of the ways people are making a profit on the side. In the age of the sharing economy, gig economy, and growing entrepreneurship there are plenty of ways in which to make that extra cash. One of the easiest ways to make cash is renting your stuff online.

Back to our original question, “how do I rent out my stuff online” well the answer is very easy to follow. First, you take an inventory of your things. Don’t forget your storage space, your garage, even look through the things that you haven’t used in a while. Once you’ve found some items such as a vacuum, winter sports equipment, or even an old suit, you can get started online. Rentcharlie has an easy way to create an account and start renting in your area!

Here some tips to rent stuff online:

Use words that people will search for example “cleaning”, “skis”, or clothes”

Take pictures in good lighting

Add the price

These tips make it easier for people to find your items, photos will garnish more interest, and adding the price will ensure you have qualified people contacting you. It can be frustrating emailing back and forth negotiating prices, so make it as clear as possible for renters.

The question on your mind now is WHAT can you rent online? The answer truly is anything. From karaoke machines to home decor, tools, sport equipment, adventure gear, the options are endless.

Start Renting!

When we say rent anything – we mean it. Sign up for Rentcharlie and start making money off of your lazy items. Your garage is your inventory, so rent away!

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