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The Advantage of Online Rentals Over Buying New

For many people, finding out what they want is more important than understanding if they need it. “What’s the best way for me to benefit?” is the most common question we ask ourselves. And, well, in 2017, that just so happens to point towards total consumerism. If you...

New Recreational Drone Flying Laws in Canada

There has recently been a release of new recreational drone flying laws in Canada. If you’re flying for fun, read up on these laws and save yourself a huge fine of up to $3,000! These laws apply for drones…

Travel Tip: Don’t Pack It – Rent It

Vacations are a wonderful thing. Getting away from the city and going exploring is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But, let’s be honest. Packing your gear up to go hiking, camping, or adventuring can be such a hassle. Which is why Rentcharlie's online rentals is the...

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