As we continue to churn out to meet consumer demand and as companies chase the kind of profits that cause more problems than solutions solved, there has to be some kind of solution created. It’s why, for many people, the act of rental and minimalistic living can be far more beneficial to their wallets, their mindsets and the environment. The benefits of peer-to-peer rentals are huge, starting with environmental waste.

Let’s take a look at how peer-to-peer rentals are impacting our spending and our way of living could pay dividends for our grandkids, or our grandkids grandkids!

  • Less Waste. If we stop building so much, we stop taking up so much room. This world is terrible for lots of people in close proximity all owning the same item that none of them are using. If just one of them had made their item open for community rental, then none of the other people would have gone out to make that investment. Thus, less waste going into landfill sites that are going to contribute to the ruination of our planet.
  • Less Political Play. People are invested in their consumerist lifestyles, and governments and corporations play on that. Knowing people want their biggest and best innovations, it’s easy to sneak in environmentally damaging and degrading elements to our lives because it ‘creates jobs’ or ‘builds competition’ – well if we keep going at this rate, competition will be pointless as our planet will be uninhabitable eventually. If we can cut out a need to have our own personal copy of every innovation, we can cut down on the need to find drastic measures to save our planet.
  • More Income Ambition. If we knew that we could just go for a rental of anything we need, from a car to a games console, we would have more income. We’d stop saving up to buy something we don’t need or will have long stopped using in a few short months. Our income could be used for better, more ambitious projects. This could help to improve the world in so many ways, from making new industries to further innovation and creating whole new ways of living. We’d be more out there with our money if we didn’t keep saving up for the latest gadgets and toys each month!

Best of all? We’d all feel less guilty. We can only keep distracting ourselves with lavish purchases and cool technological advances for so long. Eventually the levy will break; trying to slowly transform ourselves into a sharing society again through rental and smart innovation of community might just stop that from happening, however.