3 Items People Want to Rent Online Now

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Blog

People are searching for items to rent online on Rentcharlie every day. How do you know if people will actually rent out your things? We have done our research. We know the top items that are being rented, and we know what people are looking for. So without further ado, here are the top 3 items that are being searched to rent online from Rentcharlie.

People Want To Rent Formal Wear

With the holiday season coming up and wedding season still upon us with gorgeous Fall and Winter weddings we are seeing high searches for formal wear. Everything from wedding gowns to graduation dresses and tuxedos to suits, all of these are in high demand! Now, you don’t have to spend $300 on a dress or suit for a party, you can rent it for MUCH less. When we say you can rent anything – we mean it!

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Formal Wear Rental Ideas:

  • bags
  • purses
  • tuxedos
  • jewellery
  • wedding gowns
  • graduation dresses

It’s Party Time!

On Rentcharlie, people are searching for party supplies to rent for their festivities. With the holiday season fast approaching, people are trying to find cost effective ways to enjoy their parties. Online rentals give party planners a range of options that will help them save money. You also get to help a fellow party-thrower, make money while you’re at it.

Party Rental Ideas:

  • lights
  • speakers
  • DJ equipment
  • party decorations
  • karaoke machines
  • bouncy castles / kids games
rent online party equpiment

Equipment & Tools

This broad category of rentals can mean anything from landscaping to renovations, even cleaning equipment! We’re seeing the majority of searches being for floor care. If you have a carpet cleaner, now is your chance to get some return on investment (ROI). There are plenty of tools you can rent online no matter how “off the beaten track” they are.

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Equipment / Tool Rental Ideas:

  • power tools
  • paint brushes
  • work pouches
  • tape measurers
  • floor care equipment
  • hammers & screwdrivers

Start Renting!

When we say rent anything – we mean it. Sign up for Rentcharlie and start making money off of your lazy items. Your garage is your inventory, so rent away!

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